Health Unit Coordinator

Completing our Health Unit Coordinator series will prepare you for National Certification as an Health Record Specialist Certification Exam (EHR).

The increase use of electronic records (EHR) will continue to broaden and alter the job responsibilities of health information specialists and technicians. For example, with the use of EHRs, technicians must be familiar with EHR computer software, maintaining EHR security, and analyzing electronic data to improve healthcare information.

Required Courses:

  • Foundations of Healthcare
  • Healthcare Professionalism
  • Healthcare Provider CPR
  • HIPAA Compliance* (HIPA) 
  • Introduction to Business Computing
  • Medical Terminology* (MTER) 
  • Health Unit Coordinator Theory
  • Health Unit Coordinator Clinical

*If you are comfortable with testing out of courses above contact the Test Center at 443-412-2352*