Web Graphic Design Continuing Education Certification

We can help you apply your design skills and creativity to a new career in Web Graphic Design.

The Web Graphic Design continuing education certification is designed for those who are creative and enjoy working with graphics, layout, and colors.

web graphics

Students learn to use:

  • Photoshop to create high-quality, low-bandwidth graphics
  • Dreamweaver for powerful page layout and dynamic web pages
  • Fireworks to create the smallest possible GIF, animated GIF and JPEG graphics in the fewest possible steps
  • Flash to create vector-based animation for quick downloads

Certification is awarded at the successful completion of a final project, weekly classroom assignments, and a demonstrated understanding of the skills needed to be a web designer.

Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of each course to receive a program certificate. At the completion of the program, students will have a website to present to employers.

Prerequisites include having a good understanding of directory and file structure and a working knowledge of Windows.

All courses must be taken in sequence. Online Ed2Go courses will not substitute for a face-to-face course.