Chesapeake Gallery

The Chesapeake Gallery at Harford Community College features contemporary art by emerging and established artists as well as HCC faculty and students.

Located in the Student Center, the Chesapeake Gallery is the only exhibition space of its kind between Baltimore and Newark. It serves as a vital educational link between the community and the practice of art and design in the region.

Forms from Life and Nature:  Ceramics & Other Media

Brad Blair and Rich Kaste, each in his own way, is exploring the world around us, both physically and conceptually, through recognizable yet altered forms. This exhibition is based primarily on their sculptural work in clay, but drawings and paintings related to the sculptures are an integral part of the exploration.

 Following is what the artists have to say about their work.

 Jim McFarland, Curator “Forms from Life and Nature”

 Brad Blair
I create detailed sculptural monstrosities to hint at the relevant issues of genetic engineering and biotechnology that are occurring in todays world. Monsters were and still are used to control, deter, challenge, inspire, threaten and seduce human beings in different situations. By using the power of the unknown and the mysterious, the visceral urge to touch and a high level of detail, I lure the viewer in and make them want to investigate and question. These works are primarily made from clay with other elements added to help convey concept. They can be needy, invasive, harmful, helpful, curious, unpredictable, highly intelligent and oh so productive when ╩╗engineered╩╝ correctly.

 Rich Kaste
I portray subjects filtered through various psychic states. I express the core but generally unspoken values, ideas, and feelings… that shape peoples' daily lives.

 All humans at least glimpse the existence of various realms of dreams, shadow emotions, and alternative perception…. One of the artist's tasks (and joys) is to solidify images that the viewer recognizes as subconscious experience.

 I strive for visual interest, intellectual content, and emotional impact….

I am not attached to any particular medium or style. I find that the ideas underlying the work suggest appropriate means of expression. I like to work with oil on canvas, acrylic on paper, and clay. But I use whatever gets the point across.

 My artistic concerns include rectifying apparent dichotomies: existence and impermanence; awareness and oblivion; logic and nonsense; beauty and ugliness. Use of disparate elements may not fit into some conventional aesthetics, yet yields philosophically-complete works.

Hours of Operation

Monday & Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday & Wednesday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Contact Information

Kenneth Jones
Gallery Chair

Pressure Marks:  Modern & Contemporary Prints

Pressure Marks features forty-two images chosen from a private collection to illustrate a variety of traditional and modern printmaking techniques. The works range from historical to modernist images, and highlights include Japanese woodblock prints, atmospheric landscape engravings, wood engraved illustrations, abstract lithographs, and expressionistic and surrealistic etchings.  Plan to visit to explore the rich legacy of the printed image.