Chesapeake Gallery

The Chesapeake Gallery at Harford Community College features contemporary art by emerging and established artists as well as HCC faculty and students.

Located in the upper level of the HCC Student Center, the Chesapeake Gallery is the only exhibition space of its kind between Baltimore and Newark. It serves as a vital link between the community and the practice of art in the region.

Level Up

Level Up is the Annual Student Art + Design exhibition at the Chesapeake Gallery on campus at Harford Community College.  This year's exhibition is juried by Laura Amussen, who is the Exhibitions Director and Collections Coordinator at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland.  Level Up features work by students in the Fine Arts, Digital Arts, Graphic Design and Photography tracks of the Visual, Performing and Applied Arts Division in Joppa Hall and includes: Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Books, Design, Prints, Photographs, Installation, Ceramics and Sculpture among other works by the students who have been creating art in courses within the A.A. program in the 2013 Fall and 2014 Spring semesters.

This year's exhibition identity, wayfinding and exhibition graphics were created by Graphic Design student, Bethany Carty, Eliana Pisciotta and the ART 207 Graphic Design class.  Students from Art 207 have created an interactive wayfinding game, entitled "Level 1", which challenges would be gallery "players" to locate the exhibition on campus.  To find and attend Level Up Annual Student Art + Design  Exhibition, viewers will receive an invitation for the exhibition. On the invitation will be the location of the gallery, and instructions for where to go if the viewer wants to play the game. If the viewer wants to play the game, they must start at Joppa Hall. In the lobby of Joppa hall there will be game consoles with maps on them. To begin playing, the viewer will take a console and follow various signs with directions on them. The map will show the general area of the Chesapeake Gallery. The signs will lead all the way from Joppa Hall to the Gallery. Coins will be placed on the path to let the viewer know they are going in the right direction. When arriving at the gallery the viewer has completed Level 1 (finding the gallery) and is now able to level up to level 2 (viewing the art exhibition).

 Players will venture from the faraway land of Joppa Joppa Island to the Gowlery located in the Castle of Knowledge. Players will have to cross the Bridge of Doom, slide down Icy Aisle, climb Red Rumble Mountain, all while dodging cars, trying to avoid humans, large boulders, and the death worm. Upon arrival at the Gowlery, Level 1 is complete! The player is now able to Level Up.

Hours of Operation

Monday & Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday & Wednesday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Stitch and Rend

 Works by Nicloe Havekost
June 5 - Sept. 19
Curator:  Jeff Ball, Assoc. Prof., VPAA

Contact Information

Elizabeth Crisman
Gallery Coordinator