Under 16 Admissions

Harford Community College welcomes dual-enrolled students who wish to complete college-level coursework while still enrolled in a high school or homeschool program. However, there are special admission requirements for all students under the age of 16, that are listed within COMAR (state) regulations on college admission:

"Students under 16 years of age are not to be admitted to an institution of higher education, unless they are deemed 'gifted & talented'.'' HCC defines gifted and talented as any student under the age of 16 who can assess at College level reading, writing and math.

Students can determine their proficiency in college level English and Math by taking the Academic Skills Assessment in the Test Center. Prospective students under the age of 16 should complete the following:

1) Prepare for the Academic Skills Assessment prior to taking the assessment. The Test Center provides information about Accuplacer Test Preparation.

2) Complete the Academic Skills Assessment in the Test Center.  Please let Test Center Staff know that you are under 16 years of age and would like to assess. Students must show a photo ID before being given a test. Please see the Photo ID Requirement link to determine the type of ID required. 

3) If Test Center staff determines that a student under the age of 16 has assessed at college level in Reading, Writing, and Math – they will be referred to the Office of Admissions to schedule an appointment with the Director of Admissions.

4) At this appointment, the Director for Admissions personally assists students and their parents with completing the application for admission to HCC, reviews important information about being an under 16 student on campus, and assists students with their first registration to HCC.

*Students under the age of 16 are not eligible to complete an application for admission online.