MD Dream Act

Harford Community College grants admission to students regardless of citizenship. Maryland Senate Bill 167--also known as the MD Dream Act--provides the opportunity for some undocumented non-U.S. citizens who attended high school in Maryland to receive in-state tuition* (in-county or out-of-county tuition rates).

Who is eligible for the MD Dream Act?

If you answer "Yes" to all three of these questions, then you may be eligible for the MD Dream Act:

  1. Did you attend a MD high school for at least 3 years?
  2. Have you graduated or will you graduate from a MD high school or received a MD GED?
  3. Have you, your parents, or legal guardian paid MD state taxes for the 3 years you attended high school?

Download and read the Eligibility Guidelines for MD Dream Act for more detailed requirements.

If you answered "No" to any of these questions, you are most likely not eligible for the MD Dream Act. However, you can still attend Harford Community College and obtain a degree. Undocumented students are charged the out-of-state tuition rate.

What documents do I need to provide?

To be eligible, you need to submit the following:

  • Final high school transcript or MD GED Certificate
  • MD state income tax returns for the 3 years you attended high school
  • Notarized Affidavit for Undocumented Students stating that you will file an application for Permanent Residency as soon as you are able to do so
  • Proof of Selective Service registration, if applicable
  • Official college transcript if attended a community college within 4 years of graduating high school

In order to maintain your eligibility, you will need to submit MD state income tax returns for every year of attendance at Harford Community College.

What tuition rate will I get?

Your tuition rate depends on the location of the high school from which you graduated. If your high school is in Harford County, you will receive in-county rates even if you currently live outside of Harford County or end up moving to another county.

How long does the in-state tuition rate last?

If approved, you will be given the in-state tuition for one academic year. Every year, you must provide a copy of your income tax return to Admissions, after which you will be given another year of in-state tuition.

Will I get accepted into a four-year school as an undocumented student?

Acceptance into a four-year school depends on the admissions requirements of the four-year school. However, if you are approved for the MD Dream Act while at Harford Community College, and you are accepted to a public four-year school in MD, you are eligible to receive in-state tuition (*NOTE*: The MD Dream Act only applies to state public higher education institutions and not private colleges and universities). To apply for in-state tuition at a MD public four-year school, you must submit state income taxes for the years of attendance in high school, the years in between high school and college, and the years you were in the community college; and an official transcript from the community college.

How do I apply for the MD Dream Act tuition waiver?

If you have determined that you are eligible, contact Jeanne Goss, Academic Advisor for Admissions and PDSO (Primary Designated SEVIS Official) at You will be contacted by email to set up an appointment to discuss your application. Applications must be approved prior to the start of the semester. Determining your eligibility may take 4-6 weeks depending on the documents submitted.