Biotechnology Certificate

Interested in biology, engineering, or computers? Do you envision yourself creating new biofuels or developing crops that are nutrient-rich and toxin-free? This program may be for you.

Simply put, biotechnology is technology that is based on biology.

The Program

Harford’s Biotechnology program stresses the principles of molecular biology with a strong emphasis on cutting edge science and lab techniques, ethics, and analytical applications. Skills taught in this program can be applied in areas such as pharmaceutical research, agriculture, and biomanufacturing.

Class sizes are generally small, allowing students to focus on specific areas of interest as well as be exposed to topics and techniques they may not have previously considered.


Students who earn their Biotechnology certificate usually continue their education in a four-year program but are also able to obtain semiprofessional employment in biotechnology, chemical, and biological laboratories. Those with a previous degree in the sciences may use this certificate program to obtain updated skills in the rapidly expanding biotechnology sector.

The bioscience/biotechnology industry is expected to continue to experience growth and to remain a high priority in Maryland.


Jaclyn A. Madden
Assistant Professor of Biology