Wireless Printing Instructions

Instructions for printing from a mobile device or laptop computer.

Before printing, save your document (including webpages) to a USB drive or to your computer.

Log into PaperCut Web Print:

  • Connect your device to HCC Wireless.
  • Open an internet browser and go to: hccprint.harford.edu.
  • Log in with your HCC username and password.

Submit and upload a print job:

  • Click Web Print on the PaperCutMF screen.
  • Click Submit a Job.
  • Select the hccprintFollowMe BlackWhite or Color printer.
  • Click Print Options and Account Selection, enter how many copies to print.
  • Click Upload Documents.
  • Click Upload from computer.
  • Retrieve your saved document from the computer or USB drive.
  • Click Upload & Complete.

Release a print job:

Once the job has been successfully uploaded, the status will indicate Held in a queue.
From the printer:

  • Swipe your HCC ID card.
  • Select your print job.
  • Click Print.