Printing for Students & Employees

Printing instructions for HCC credit students and employees.

First-time user?

  • To associate your HCC ID card with your HCC username and password: Swipe your HCC photo ID. Using the keypad on the printer, log in with your HCC username and password. You will now be able to swipe your ID card to print.

Print from a Library computer:

  • Print from the computer as you normally would, making sure to select the FollowMe printer option. You may print as many different items as you’d like before heading to the printer station.
  • Go to any printer station in the Library. Swipe your HCC ID card.
  • Select your print job and select Print.

Print directly from your USB drive:

  • Swipe your HCC ID card.
  • Plug in your USB drive into the USB port on the front of the printer.
  • Select Device Functions.
  • Select Print from USB memory.
  • Select the file you want to print, then select Choose print settings.
  • Select Start.

Delete a print job:

  • Choose the print job on the printer.
  • Job will come up on the right hand side of screen.
  • Select Cancel print.