Imagination Fair

The Imagination Fair will showcase collaborative innovations, creations, discoveries, and research by students, faculty, and staff at Harford Community College.

Featuring 7x7x7 presentations, interactive table displays, poster and video presentations and more!

In conjunction with Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning


Open to the Public | May 3 | 10 AM - 3 PM | Darlington Hall 202

Michelle Ramsahoye and Evan Bucklin
A STEAM Learning Approach

Rebecca Privette
Undergraduate Research: Constitutional Law PL 204

Anna Corselius and Savannah Blythe
Procaffinating or Daily Grind: Cognitive Response and Coffee Consumption

Linda Brown
Digital Restoration of WWII History

Paule Audebert
Baltimore Clipper Exhibition

Jessica Dahl, Diane Resides, and Pamela Pape-Lindstrom
Makerspace Task Force

Carol Allen and Diane Resides
Makerspace (“Petting Zoo”)

Thomas Ebel and Nelson Meranski
Digital Media Library

Caitlin White, Elizabeth Mosser and Jo Chase
Volunteering Program

Benny Russell
Composition: Man of Peace

LJ Baker and Laura Hutton
Internal Quality Assurance of Online Classes

Debbie Ezell
Self-generated Multimedia OERs

Debbie Ezell and Richard Smith
Learning Environment Modeling

Claudia Brown
Owl Magazine

James Karmel
Undergraduate Oral History

Bonnie Sulzbach, George Budelis, Anna Berglowe-Lynch, and Alison Thornton
Live Chat Advising

Tina Zimmerman and Stephanie Hallock
HIV Education in Narva, Estonia

Ben Fisler
Memories of Ann: A New Opera

Tammy Biegas
Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918

Sharon Stowers
Residence in Scholar Project

Jan Brewer
Mass Casualty Sim and 3D Camera

External Relations and Communications
HCC: Past, Present, and Future

Caitlin White, et al.
Spirit Day

Jennie Towner
Application of Happiness Activities

Great Giveaways - t-shirts, “fun button,” and a Surface Pro.

Anyone attending the fair is encouraged to bring along and exhibit their favorite owl.