Travel Study

When people think of education, they often think of textbooks, classrooms and exams. But there is another kind of learning that is every bit as valuable – experience.

HCC provides all students with a wide array of opportunities to gain valuable educational experiences outside of Harford County. These travel-study experiences can be domestic or international and can be taken as part of a credit course, a service learning project, or as a noncredit learning adventure.

Students in London

HCC students visit London, England in Spring 2012

What all travel-study experiences have in common, however, is that they allow students to actually live the content they learn about and incorporate their experiences into their lives once they return.

Domestic travel-study experiences can range from day trips to Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia to full three-credit courses taught “on location” around the country.

International courses, or study-abroad experiences, generally last two to three weeks. In recent years, HCC students have studied in Denmark, Russia, Germany, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Ireland, Belize, Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom!

Here’s what HCC students say about their travel-study experiences:

"This was the best learning experience. It allows you to develop as a person and as a student . . . "

–Megan Edwards

"This experience was a reality check and helped me to see things I take for granted in everyday life. It truly inspired me to work towards making a difference and being more involved in my community . . . "

–Heather Flannery

"This was great for kinesthetic and visual learners like me. I was finally able to connect the dots of ancient Greek and Roman history by being there . . . " 

–Lyn Edmunds