Welcome to the Humanities Division. Our faculty will help you to...

  • Communicate in English and other languages
  • Understand belief systems
  • Explore the art and craft of literary works
  • Become an effective speaker
  • Examine philosophic and ethical points of view
  • Develop your creative talents and skills as a writer
  • See yourself and the world from many different points of view
  • Understand the human condition so that you better understand yourself and the cultures and people around you
  • Ponder the really "tough" questions of life: Who am I? What does it all mean? What am I trying to say?

We hope that you will explore our programs in:

If you have any questions, please contact us at or drop by our offices in Havre de Grace Hall.

Interim Division Dean

John Mayhorne
Interim Dean of Humanities

Division Secretary

Julie Swift
Administrative Assistant