Welcome to the Humanities Division. Our faculty and staff employ student-centered approaches to ensure that students’ experiences at Harford Community College are enriching and rewarding.

Why should you major in the Humanities? The Humanities are academic disciplines that seek to understand and to interpret the human experience, from individuals to entire cultures, engaging in the discovery, preservation, and communication of the past and present record to enable a deeper understanding of contemporary society. By taking courses within these disciplines--Communication studies, English, Foreign language, Literature, and Philosophy, it will heighten your awareness of the human condition: morality, spirituality, intellectualism, and empathy. Furthermore, we hone critical listening, thinking, and reading skills in order to equip students for success now and in the future. Our students create opportunities, meet challenges, and make meaningful contributions in the global community.

At this site, you will find links to information about our academic programs and our award-winning faculty. We, in the Humanities division, invite you to view our offerings and, if interested, to enroll in (or spread the word about) one of our vibrant and exciting programs:

Division Dean

Todd Abramovitz
Dean of Arts & Humanities


Administrative Assistants

Nancy Dow
Administrative Assistant
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Mary Bledsoe
PT Administrative Assistant
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