Educational & Transitional Studies

Faculty members in the ETS division look forward to assisting you with reaching your educational goals by:


*Transitional Studies courses are listed under the English, mathematics, human development, and chemistry sections in the Schedule of Classes and begin with the number 0 or 00. These courses are used to determine full-time or part-time status for financial aid and athletic eligibility; however, credits earned are shown as “0” on the student’s academic transcripts and cannot be applied toward fulfillment of a degree or certificate. Grades earned in TS courses are not computed in the student’s GPA.

*All Transitional Math courses have been redesigned. Please contact Academic Advising at
443-412-2301 prior to registering.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or wish to learn more about our degrees and programs.

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Educational and Transitional Studies Division 

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Educational and Transitional Studies Division