Behavioral & Social Sciences (BSS)

Programs and courses in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division include:

Some programs have specialized tracks, such as Social Work and International Studies. Paralegal Studies prepares you for work in a legal job, either with an AAS degree or a certificate. The other BSS courses and programs may be transferred as the first two years of a BA or BS degree program.

BSS faculty members are experienced teachers with diverse knowledge, and both the faculty and staff are committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether you desire to be a police officer, social worker, economist, psychologist, diplomat, lawyer, or any of the many other careers available to persons who major in one of our programs.

Please contact any BSS Division faculty or staff member if you have questions about your course material, your academic plans at HCC, or your career plans.

Contact Information

Tony Wohlers
Behavioral and Social Science Division

Carol Himmer
Administrative Assistant
Behavioral and Social Science Division