Information Systems Management

Information Systems Management emphasizes business, organizational and management concepts as well as computer technology skills. Coursework in areas such as business fundamentals, accounting, finance, marketing, production, management, computer programming, systems analysis and design, database concepts, and management and data communications are typical for a degree in ISM. Students learn how to analyze, design and implement information systems that will provide managers with the information needed to make operational and strategic decisions for large and small companies.

Employment/Career Potential

The U.S. Industrial Outlook from the U.S. Department of Commerce forecasts an increased need for professional training services and software enhancements/modifications as primary revenue sources for computer professional services. The computer industry and computer related occupations continue to grow.

Homeland Security and Cyber-Security continue to gain increased emphasis for our nation’s security. This degree program provides the foundation for students preparing for these challenging and critical careers.

Contact Information

Prof. AC Chapin

Dean John Mayhorne

Advising, Career, and Transfer Services