BCAT Program Advisors

Discover the route to your future!
Do you need assistance with selecting a degree or certificate?
Do you need help with course selection for next term?

Then, contact one of the following faculty advisors for assistance.

 Accounting  James Baker  jbaker@harford.edu
   Cynthia Lewis  clewis@harford.edu
 Business Administration  Maurice Brown         mabrown@harford.edu
   Ryker Hughes  rhughes@harford.edu
 Business Management  Miriam Huddleston  mhuddleston@harford.edu
  •  Agribusiness
 Cynthia Lewis  clewis@harford.edu
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Human Resources


  •  Marketing
 Business Management  Sherry Massoni  smassoni@harford.edu
  •  Administrative Professionals
  •  Medical Office Assistant Certificate
 CIS degrees  AC Chapin  achapin@harford.edu
   Mark Dencler  mdencler@harford.edu
 Cybersecurity  Paul Nesbitt  pnesbitt@harford.edu
   Ralf Fritze  rfritze@harford.edu
 Computer Science  Jerome Brown  jebrown@harford.edu
 Computer Aided Design and Drafting  Steve Johnson  sjohnson@harford.edu
 Engineering Technology  David Antol  dantol@harford.edu