Honors Course Offerings

ENG 101: English Composition (Hybrid)

[Mondays, Wednesdays 10:10 am- 11:05 am] Professor S. Muaddi Darraj

This course is designed to develop mature writing skills in the essay form, including the documented essay. Through writing a series of essays in a variety of modes, such as argumentative essay, the process analysis, the research paper, and the summary analysis, students achieve proficiency in presenting and supporting their own ideas and incorporating the ideas of others into their essays.
CRN: 40029

ES 105: Earth Science (Online)

Professor D. Wrobel

A survey of the physical earth for nonscience majors is presented with emphasis on the waters and the atmosphere, including principles and concepts of geology; plate tectonics, environmental phenomena; earthquakes, volcanoes, seismic sea waves, landslides, surface processes, earth resources, wastes and hazards. Designed for students who share with the scientist the curiosity, wonder, and interest in the earth and the atmospheric changes.
CRN: 41021

MATH 203: Calculus I

[Tuesday, Thursday 12:35pm-2:30pm] Dr. S. King

This course is an introduction to calculus with analytic geometry. It includes a study of functions, limits, differentiation, integration, and applications of differentiation and integration.
CRN: 41157

MATH 216: Introduction to Statistics

[Mondays, Wednesdays 11:45am-1:40pm] Professor C. Jones

This course provides the student with the fundamental concepts and methods of statistical analysis. Course topics: descriptive statistics, probability concepts, the binomial and normal distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, linear correlation and regression, and Student's t, chi-square and F- distributions. Use of the computer as a tool for solving problems is integrated throughout the course.
CRN: 41094

MC 206: History of Film

[Wednesdays 2:00pm-5:50pm] Professor W. Hepler

This course is a chronological survey of film from the technological development stage, through the silent era, to the studio dominated years, to the present day. Emphasis is placed on the appreciation of today's films through the viewing of films important to the development of film expression. Course includes 30 hours of lecture and 30 hours of lab per semester. This course may require field trips.
CRN: 40297

PSY 101: General Psychology

[Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:25am-10:45am] Professor R. Roof-Ray

A broad spectrum of research and theoretical concepts are presented to provide a balanced understanding of human behavior. Topics include the biological basis of behavior, human development, personality, health and wellness, learning and memory, social diversity, abnormal behavior, and therapy.
CRN: 40689