The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) began operations at Harford Community College in 2016.

CETL began as grass-roots effort of interested faculty and staff to create an internal organization to support innovation and enhance student success at the College. The group began meeting in 2015 in consultation with the College’s Vice President for Academic Affairs at that time, Dr. Annette Haggray. CETL replaced the Instructional Resource Center of HCC. In the 2016-2017 academic year, CETL began offering workshops and other sessions regularly to support instruction and spur innovation at HCC. In 2017, CETL held two College-wide events: 1-a ”7X7X7” exhibition highlighting faculty innovation in digital education and 2-a “Technology Roadshow.”

At first, the College’s eLearning division operated and scheduled for CETL within the Academic Affairs division. In 2018, CETL gained it’s first faculty officers: a part-time Director and Associate Director. In 2018, CETL also co-produced HCC’s first Imagination Fair highlighting imaginative student, faculty and staff projects. Currently, CETL schedules training sessions, workshops and other events throughout the academic year. These include sessions focused on the innovative use of technologies such as virtual reality, active learning, student learning assessment and culturally-relevant teaching. In addition, CETL produces and runs faculty development opportunities for HCC faculty before semesters. In addition, CETL operates communities of practice known as “Professional Learning Communities” on key themes and current topics relevant to student success at HCC.