Goals and Strategies

Goal 1

Recognizing the need for more students to achieve their goals, the College will pursue excellence in teaching, learning and assessment.


  • Eradicate attainment gaps based on income, race, gender and ethnicity.
  • Develop new programs and enhance existing programs to reduce time to degree, increase student success, and promote goal completion.
  • Assess, improve, and advance educational program design, content, and delivery.
  • Strengthen the College’s partnership with local schools to increase the readiness of high school graduates for college.

Goal 2

Acknowledging that HCC plays an important role in the region, the College will expand programming, events, and facilities that engage and enhance the community.


  • Provide educational programs and workforce development training to meet the needs and interests of the community.
  • Use facilities and events, with particular attention to the APG Federal Credit Union Arena, to provide mutual benefit for the community and the College.
  • Address - to the extent to which the College has influence - the recommendations of the Northeast Maryland Higher Education Task Force.

Goal 3

Understanding that the environment and the demands on higher education are changing rapidly, the College will develop resources and infrastructure required to meet future challenges.


  • Develop sufficient fiscal resources to carry out its mission, including the resources required to implement the Facilities Master Plan.
  • Recruit and retain highly qualified, diverse employees.
  • Identify and invest in technology that will increasingly support student success and employee productivity.