Strategic Plan FY 2020-24

Becoming the College of the Future

Throughout the 2018-2019 academic year, Harford Community College undertook an extensive, inclusive, collaborative strategic planning process that brought together members of the campus community with leaders in local business, government, and public education. Led by three tri-chairs and a steering committee representing a diverse cross-section of the College, the strategic planning process was dedicated to developing a mission, a vision, values, and strategies that would enable HCC to best serve the needs of students, employees, and the larger community. Feedback was routinely solicited via campus-wide surveys and workshops, and through public forums that enabled meaningful conversation between College employees and members of the local community.

The College's new strategic plan was officially approved by the Board of Trustees on June 11, 2019, and went into effect on July 1, 2019. A thorough account of the strategic planning process is provided in the links below. 

Fall 2019

*SP2 Planning Group = Regina Johnson, Bill Elliott, Jim McFarland, Jennie Towner, and Elizabeth Mosser


  • Survey Opens: 8/5/19
    SP2 Planning Group (use of A&P survey monkey platform)
  • Convocation Presentation: 8/16/19
    SP2 Planning Group (in collaboration with Convocation Planning Committee and Office of Communications)
  • Survey Closes: 8/30/19
    A&P -> SP2 Planning Group
  • Review of potential "leaders" and draft team members with ELT: 8/28/2019
    SP2 Planning Group -> ELT


  • Formalize team information to be passed on to team "leaders": 9/6/2019
    SP2 Planning Group
  • Review of objectives with ELT: 9/11/19
    SP2 Planning Group -> ELT
  • Formalize objectives to be passed on to team "leaders": 9/13/2019
    SP2 Planning Group
  • Orientation for team leaders: 9/16/19 - 9/20/19
    SP2 Planning Group (in collaboration with the A&P to clarify future use of TK20 and the Data Team as each Action Planning group will be assigned a liaison)
  • Action plan development (start): 9/23/19 - 10/31/19
    Team "leaders" and teams with facilitation by SP2 Planning Group
  • Survey data (collated and raw) sent to campus community for informatoinal purposes: 9/30/19
    SP2 Planning Group (in collaboration with the Office of Communications


  • Review of objectives with ELT: 10/7/19
    SP2 Planning Group -> ELT
  • Action plan development (end): 9/23 - 10/31/19
    Team "leaders" and teams with facilitation by SP2 Planning Group
  • Action plans to ELT for review: 10/23/19
    SP2 Planning Group -> ELT


  • KPI Review (start): 11/1/19
    Analytics & Planning
  • Campus-wide review and comment: Presentation on 11/8/2019 with feedback due by 11/13/2019
    SP2 Planning Group and team "leaders" (in potential coordination with Coordinating Group)
  • Action plans to ELT for review: 11/13/2019
    SP2 Planning Group -> ELT
  • Action plans to ELT Ops for review: 11/20/19
    SP2 Planning Group -> ELT Ops


  • Vice President's and their operational leaders have been charged with starting work on the objectives related to their divisions.
  • In doing so, the VPs will be working closely with the Strategic Plan Oversight Committee (SPOC), Data Team, and Office of Analytics and Planning.
  • The Strategic Plan Oversight Committee (SPOC):
    SPOC, the new phase of the Achieving the Dream Core team, provides holistic support of the strategic plan implementation, including communicating the status across campus and developing and overseeing an implementation framework. SPOC works closely with the Office of Analytics and Planning and the ATD Data Team to ensure a consistent and coordinated assessment of all plans, providing consistent reports to the President and leadership team. SPOC includes membership recommended by the Coordinating Group and appointed by the executive leadership team.