Parking Permits


HCC employees requesting an employee parking permit must complete an on-line registration form. The online registration form is on the work life tab of OwlNet under the Quick Links / Safety Information (right side of the screen). Some classifications of part-time employees are not eligible for an employee parking permit. If the online registration form fails to show that the employee is confirmed as eligible, and the employee believes he or she is eligible to obtain an employee parking pass, he or she should contact his or her supervisor or Public Safety. Once the form is completed and submitted to Public Safety, the employee may pick up his or her parking pass from Public Safety upon showing a valid employee ID card.

One parking permit is issued to each eligible employee. A valid permit must hang from the rear view mirror when parking in designated employee spaces.

Full-time employees are issued a non-expiring permit. Part-time employees are issued a permit that expires twice a year. Part-time permits are valid February 1 through September 30 and September 1 through January 31. To obtain a renewal sticker, part-time employees must; confirm the accuracy of the information on his or her Vehicle Registration Form (Work life tab of OwlNet under Quick Links / Safety Information), submit the form electronically, and present a valid employee ID card and the hang tag at Public Safety. Because the vehicle will be without a valid hang tag while the employee is at Public Safety having it renewed, the employee should park in a thirty-minute spot or an unreserved spot. Both full- and part-time employees are required to update their campus vehicle registration form when their vehicle information changes.

If an employee has multiple vehicles, it is her/his responsibility to ensure the permit is properly displayed in whichever vehicle is parked on campus. Vehicles lacking permits or with improperly displayed permits will be ticketed.

Employees are reminded that service to our students is our main goal. Those having an employee parking permit should park in a designated employee spot if one is available and not in the general parking area if possible. This will open much-needed spaces for students and visitors to campus.

Permits are the property of HCC and must be returned to Human Resources upon termination of employment. Lost permits will be replaced at a cost of $15. The $15.00 payment must be made at the Cashier’s Office in the Student Center and a receipt presented to Public Safety to obtain a replacement hang tag.

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking is clearly marked and is reserved only for those displaying a valid state handicapped vehicle registration plate or permit. The disabled individual must be in the vehicle to use the space and possess the permit card that corresponds with the registration plate or permit.

If no disabled parking is available, permit holders may park in any unnumbered employee space.

Temporary Disability Placards

An individual may receive a temporary disability placard from the Motor Vehicle Administration if a medical professional[1] certifies that he or she has a temporary disability that would substantially impair the person’s mobility or limit or impair the person’s ability to walk for at least three weeks, and is so severe that the person would endure a hardship or be subject to risk of injury if the temporary permit were denied. The medical professional may certify that the placard is necessary for one to six months and the individual may obtain an extension for up to six more months. There is no fee for a temporary placard. An individual interested in obtaining a temporary disability placard should take the completed form to any Motor Vehicle Administration office (except Oakland). The form may also be mailed.

Carpool Parking

Carpool parking is available for employees who can verify that they are commuting in a carpool of two or more persons. An application for a carpool permit can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety.

[1] Depending on the particular impairment, a licensed; physician, chiropractor optometrist podiatrist, nurse practitioner, physician’s Assistant, or physical therapist may certify the disability.

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