Emergency Response Procedures

Fire or Explosion

In the event of a fire or explosion

  • Pull the building alarm. 
  • Leave the building by the nearest exit. 
  • Call Department of Public Safety at 443-412-2272 or on campus at ext. 2272 and 911 and give details on the location of the fire.

Fire Alarm

The signal for fire emergency is a continuously sounding bell/alarm. Each building has a separate fire alarm system. The systems are not tied to a central alarm. Building fire alarm boxes are located at the exits to all buildings.


  • When an alarm sounds, observe the following procedures
  • Remain calm. 
  • Turn off motors, gas and laboratory equipment if applicable. 
  • Close all windows and doors. 
  • Using the nearest unobstructed exit - evacuate the room in an orderly manner. 
  • Move at least 100 feet from the building and do not block roadway, walkways, or fire hydrants.
  • Re-enter building only when instructed to do so by the Department of Public Safety or College official on the scene.

Alert Me

Emergency Notification System