Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a list of the most common frequently asked questions on a variety of topics. 

Blackboard FAQ

What is Blackboard?   Blackboard is the web based system through which you will take your online credit courses at HCC.  Blackboard is alos used to web enhance some in-person classes.

Owlnet FAQ

What is Owlnet?   Owlnet is our student web portal for credit students. You may use the portal to register for classes, update your personal information, follow your courses and grades, request transcripts, and perform almost every function required as a credit student.

Owlmail FAQ

What is Owlmail?   Owlmail is our student email system credit students. Student email is provided through MIcrosoft's Office 365 platform.  All official email communication from the college will come to you through your Owlmail account.

Owlmail Calendar FAQ

What is Owlmail Calendar?   Owlmail Calendar is a personal calendar provided with your Owlmail account.

Owlmail Mobile Login FAQ

What is Owlmail Mobile Login?   If you are using a smartphone, or some tablets you may have to visit this FAQ for help getting connected to Owlnet.

Owlmail Office Web Apps FAQ

What is Owlmail Office Web Apps?   As a part of your Office 365 account, you have access to several Microsoft online applications for Word Processing, etc...

SkyDrive FAQ

What is SkyDrive?   SkyDrive is an online storage center for storing files that you may need to access from anywhere.

Student Self Service FAQ (StudentEAccess)

What is Student Self Service?   Student Self Service is an area of the website that will help you set up and secure your email and network account.  You will be able to establish a security question, and use it to reset your password online if you ever forget your password.

eLearning FAQ

What is eLearning?   If you are taking online or hybrid courses at HCC you may have questions about eLearning.  This FAQ answers many of the questions students have about the process of taking an online class at HCC.