Darlington Hall

Slated to open in the 14-15 academic year, Darlington Hall will be HCC's central hub for students pursuing nursing and allied health degrees and certificates.

HCC invites you to support top-quality health care education through a naming opportunity that will fund equipment and technology, programs, sustainability or wherever the need is greatest. Play a pivotal role in the quality of health care in Harford County for decades to come! 

Premier Opportunities

1st Floor

 Allied Health Labratory  Reserved
 EMT Lab and Ambulance Bay 35,000
 Multipurpose Labratory  $35,000
 Smart Classroom  $25,000 - $35,000

2nd Floor

 Large Classroom  $50,000 
 Outdoor Classroom  $35,000
 Large Conference Room  $35,000
 Smart Classroom  $35,000
 Group Study Room  $10,000

3rd Floor

 Simulation Suite   Reserved
 Large Classroom     $50,000
 Specialized Labratories  $25,000 - $35,000
 Group Study Room  $10,000

For more information on Naming Opportunities contact Denise Dregier, Director for College & Alumni Development on 443-412-2428 or at ddregier@harford.edu.

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