Scholarship Reception

The Annual Harford Community College and Foundation Scholarship Reception is a tradition where scholarship donors and student recipients meet to celebrate the gift of an education.

Each April, all students who received a scholarship during the current academic year, as well as scholarship donors are invited to a casual afternoon reception. After a short presentation, there is a informal meet and greet where donors can meet their recipients and students are afforded the opportunity to express their gratitude as well as detail the impact the scholarship has had on their academic career.

For students who received an institutional scholarships (funding was provided by the College), they are able to meet and thank College staff who support scholarships through the Annual Fund. It gives staff members the opportunity to meet with a wide variety of students and to hear their personal stories.

Save the date for the 2019 Scholarship Reception: Thursday, April 18, 2019!

Private scholarship can be created by individuals, families, corporations or organizations for as little as $500 per year. For more information on creating a private scholarship, visit our scholarship page or contact, Denise Dregier, Director for College & Alumni Development on 443-412-2428 or