Pat Perluke

A Commitment to Supporting Student Success

Pat Perluke has greatly helped Harford Community College and the Harford Community College Foundation, Inc. in many ways. In addition to giving to the HCC Foundation since 1999 and joining the President’s Circle in 2011, Mrs. Perluke is a member of the Board of Directors for the HCC Foundation. She has given generously of her time, previously serving as a member of the College Advisory Board and serving two terms as a trustee on the HCC Board of Trustees.

Before moving to Harford County, she lived in Pennsylvania where she worked for the Chamber of Commerce in the Greater Pittsburgh area. With her knowledge of the business community, Mrs. Perluke was asked by the Westmoreland County Executive to join the staff of the County Economic Development Commission to help oversee the planning, development, and building of Westmoreland Community College. “It was quite a life-changing experience.” Westinghouse Electric Company donated the plant and 100 acres, which became the site for the new college campus. Mrs. Perluke worked with the County Executive and the Commission through the completion of the project. She said, “I am so proud to be a part of helping to establish Westmoreland Community College.”

Mrs. Perluke moved to Harford County in 1979 when her late husband, who was an engineer for ExxonMobil, was transferred here. Because of her previous community college experience, she decided to get involved again and met with County Council President John Harwick about Harford Community College. He said that she would be an ideal candidate for serving as an Advisory Board member.

As a community college graduate herself, Pat wanted to provide students with the same opportunity she had of enjoying the benefits of great education by attending a community college. Through the Harford Community College Foundation, she and her husband established the Kenneth and Patricia Perluke Foundation, which created a scholarship for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students, Mr. Perluke’s career choice, and area of study.

Pat’s years of giving to the College have been very rewarding. “You can see the many benefits. The students are benefiting with the foundation of a solid education. The campus is growing, and the College is offering more programs and degrees. HCC has become a part of the fiber of the community and the State of Maryland. Once you make a commitment to be on the Advisory Board and on the Board of Trustees, you have a continued commitment to see that the College succeeds.”

The benefit that she reaps from all that she does for the College is simple. Pat greatly enjoys meeting the students and hearing their stories about why they chose to attend HCC. When they send notes thanking her for the scholarship, Mrs. Perluke follows up with a phone call. She was volunteering at the Port Fest Baltimore when she discovered one of her scholarship recipients, who was there for a class project. Mrs. Perluke was the one to sign-off on the student’s onsite project, a moment that she will not soon forget.

“The future of student success is set by others giving,” stated Mrs. Perluke.