Alena and David Schwaber

In 2006, David and Alena Schwaber met with HCC’s Director of Development and Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Laura Preston to discuss the creation of a scholarship. At this meeting, Preston realized that in 1978, while serving as an oncology nurse at Johns Hopkins she had cared for a patient by the name of Robert Schwaber who turned out to be David’s father.

After learning of this coincidence, it became clear what kind of scholarship they would create. “We wanted to assist HCC students to attain their goal of becoming the kind of nurse who had cared for my father, said David.” Through personal experience, David recognized the difference a nurse could make in someone’s life, and he did not want a financial issue to be a roadblock.

Since its inception, more than 20 HCC students have benefitted from the Schwaber's generosity.