Aberdeen High School Alumni Association

At 70 years old, the Aberdeen High School Alumni Association (AHSAA) is the oldest alumni organization in Harford County.  “We chose to become involved with Harford Community College because we understand the value of the College to the community. HCC offers great academic and certificate programs, as well as wonderful cultural events,” said Mark Scholttman, President, AHSAA.

“We decided to get involved with the College through the creation of the Aberdeen High School Alumni Association Scholarship in 2012,”stated Scholttman.  Fellow Aberdeen High School alumnus and HCC Foundation Board member Chuck Jacobs was instrumental in working with Schlottman and the group to help establish the scholarship.  The AHSAA feels their scholarship money is well spent. Not only did several members get to meet their recipient at the Annual HCC Scholarship Reception, but the student also attended the association’s biannual dinner where he told all the members about the impact their scholarship has had on his life.  He made such an impression that the group has decided to continue the tradition of asking their recipient to the dinner.

In addition to the AHSAA Scholarship at HCC, the group also made a donation to name a seat in the APG Federal Credit Union at Harford Community College. They also support the Aberdeen Room, a repository of archived documents, and a museum that houses all the City of Aberdeen artifacts. 

AHSAA members would encourage future generations to take advantage of all that HCC has to offer.  They believe that the College is a tremendous resource for the community.  Their only regret is that they wish AHSAA had come on board with the College earlier in offering the scholarship.