Financial Statements

Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets

The following are the original proposed budgets submitted to Harford County Government in January 2015. County and State funding levels have not yet been determined. Any revised budgets will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees at their May 12 meeting, at which time County and State appropriations to the College will be finalized. The Board will then take final action on the FY16 budgets at their June 9 meeting.

Current Operating and Capital Budgets

Archived Operating and Capital Budget Executive Summaries:
  FY14FY13FY12,  FY11,  FY10,  FY09,  FY08

Financial Statements

Archived Financial Statements:

MHEC CC-4 Reports

Archived CC-4 Reports:
  FY13,  FY12,  FY11,  FY10,  FY09,  FY08