With school out for the summer, camps are now top-of-mind among parents and children alike. With many COVID-19 restrictions still in place, summer camp options are limited. Creative thinking and planning by the Community Education team at Harford Community College, however, has resulted in a wide array of exciting virtual camp experiences for children ages 5-17.

While the health and safety of students, staff and the community is a priority of the College, it also strives to provide the community with the resources and programs that it needs and wants. The College's camp staff has been working hard behind the scenes to develop fun, engaging, hands-on and memorable online camp experiences.

An impact study conducted by the American Camp Association showed that the influence of summer camps is predominantly positive and long-lasting. Summer camps give kids the opportunity to try new things, develop new skills, and to grow more independent. They can explore activities they don't have the time or opportunity for during the typical school year schedule. Camps have also proven to support kids both academically and later on in the workforce.

While the benefit of in-person camps where kids are able to enjoy positive social interactions and connections with others is challenging to achieve this summer, Harford has developed some intriguing and fun online options that afford campers the ability to interact with both the instructor and other campers in a virtual setting. Camps are intentionally limited to nine participants so that the small group live online instruction is a personal and satisfying experience and to maximize camper engagement.

All of HCC's camps will deliver live instruction via Microsoft Teams with highly qualified camp instructors. Camp sessions are 30-60 minutes long and most camps operate for one week. A wide range of camps are available, ranging in categories such as art, yoga, theatre, cooking, technology and science.

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