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Each year the Harford County Electrical Apprenticeship program awards prizes to the apprentices with the top 3 GPAs. GPAs are calculated over the four years of the program. Achieving this level of excellence comes with a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. This year the numbers were very close!
The awards were as follows:
First place: $3,000, James Kline, GPA 97.16 (Pictured on left in front of blue car)
Second Place: $2,000, Jonathan Copenhaven, GPA 97.15 (Pictured on right in front of blue car)
Third Place, $1,000, Karl Berlinger, Jr., GPA 96.93 (Pictured individually)

The Harford County Electrical Contractors Apprenticeship (HCECA) annual graduation scheduled for the evening of May 8 did not take place in person this year due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Although they did not gather formally, HCECA acknowledge the graduates' and their families' commitment and dedication throughout their time in the program.

On behalf of the program's Board of Directors, instructors, and staff, Executive Director JeanMarie Lewis sent a letter to each graduate saying, "It is important for us to recognize the hard work that you have put in over these past four years. It takes a lot of determination to show up night after night, week after week after working the long days of a full-time schedule. Your dedication over the past four years has most certainly paid off. You are now able to take the next step in a career that will be fulfilling and lucrative for many years to come. In your time enrolled in the HCECA Electrical Apprenticeship program, you have learned many skills that will be put to good use as you now continue as a journeyperson electrician." This year's graduates will be invited to participate in next year's class of 2021 in-person ceremony. "There will be a lot to celebrate when that time comes!" said Training Director Ronn Blaney.

The apprenticeship school, which is housed at Harford Community College's Edgewood Hall, graduates approximately 60 to 70 students each year. The class of 2020 is the largest class to date with 78 graduates. The HCECA Apprenticeship Program anticipates another 100+ new enrollments for the 2020-21 school year.

The Harford County Electrical Contractors Association (HCECA) was formed as an official group in 1941. In 1978, the organization was restructured and over the next few Years, it became one of the largest electrical apprenticeship programs in the State of Maryland. The Contractors Association organized their members, worked with local and state agencies, hired educational consultants, and formed a long-term academic partnership with Harford Community College, thus ensuring the stability and growth of the trade. With this partnership all graduates, upon completion of their apprenticeship with HCECA, will receive up to 21 college credits which can be used at Harford Community College toward a degree or are transferable to another college or university. The apprenticeship program includes four years of classroom instruction in accordance with state and federal regulations. Each year the classes begin in September and continue through April, which meets the annual requirement of 144 hours of related instruction.

Students are thoroughly trained in residential, commercial, and industrial wiring, along with the current electrical codes. In addition, apprentices must acquire 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Upon completion, each student is issued a State of Maryland Certificate of Completion, identifying the student as a qualified journeyperson electrician.

The 78 2020 HCECA graduates are: John P. Ambrosich, Corey A. Basham, Bryan J. Bass, Adam J. Bennett, Karl Berlinger, Jr., Christopher E. Bland, Ryan M. Bowings, Anthony C. Campo, David S. Carr, Nicholas J. Catalano, Colton B. Channell, Jonathon R. Copenhaven, Daniel J. Cory, Andrew L. Cundiff, Michael A. DeLuca, III, Ryan W. Dietz, Daniel R. Dziewanowski, III, Jonathan D. Epperson, Justin D. Fisher, Nicholas W. Ford, Justin H. Gladden, Zachary R. Golder, Colby L. Hedrick, David C. Holste, Samuel A. Huerta, Edwin P. Karr, III, Harry E. Klapaska, James C. Kline, Patrick B. Leary, Anthony Libonate, III, Colby D. Lietuvnikas, John P. Lioi, Joseph T. Lombardi, Nicholas C. Lynch, Joshua D. Magee, Brady A. Maguire, Benjamin P. Mairose, Jacob E. McGinnis, Timothy B. Miller, Brandon R. Mitchell, Brandon A. Mitchell, Thomas E. Mullen, Benjamin T. Mundy, Quinton W. Patterson, James H. Peacock, Joshua L. Phillips, Gerald J. Pomroy, Jr., Daniel T. Proctor, Dylan O. Reece, Lance T. Reynolds, Jacob D. Rhudy, Thomas J. Ricany, Anthony M. Romeo, John Michael T. Roxas, Matthew S. Ruthke, Christopher C. Ryan, Robert S. Salas, Patrick G. Samis, Adam J. Schindler, Michael R. Schorr, Mark A. Sergi, Jr., Jonathan A. Serrano, Scott J. Simon, Tiffany N. Simpson, Garrett T. Smith, Nathaniel L. Spiegel, Steven G. Stavrou, Robert W. Sturmer, III, Connor P. Taraborelli, Jamin A. Thiess, Erik E. Thompson, Roger A. Thompson, Jr., David D. Wallace, David Z. Wessel, Dane E. Westcoat, Devin M. Wilhelm, Patrick W. Young, and Kevin A. Zurvalec.

For more information on the Harford County Electrical Contractors Apprenticeship Program, please contact Ronn Blaney, HCECA Electrical Apprenticeship Training Director, at or visit for an application. The original deadline to apply of May 31 has been extended; students must apply by June 30 to be considered for classes beginning in the fall of 2020.