The December 2019 Nursing Class Pinning Ceremony for 50 Harford Community College associate degree nursing graduates was held in the Amoss Center on December 17, 2019. The event was hosted by the College’s Division of Nursing and Allied Health Professions with Dean Laura Cianelli Preston, Director for Nursing Education Dale Spielman, faculty and staff. Shared with family and friends, the ceremony is viewed by most of the graduates as the culmination of their education at HCC. They enjoyed celebrating with their classmates, who many have come to think of as extended family.

Congratulatory remarks were offered by Vice President for Student Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness Dr. Jacqueline Jackson and the Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Professions Laura Cianelli Preston. This semester, class speaker for the Graduating Class was Christy Myers.

In addition to nursing uniforms worn by all graduates, members of the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society and the Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society wore special cords to designate their membership. Four of the graduates received special awards: the Maryland Nursing Association - District 7 award went to Sophia Shertzer, the University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary award went to Austin Jennings, and Spalding Art and Science Awards went to Austin Jennings for the Art of Nursing and Elise Thompson for the Science of Nursing.

Members of the nursing faculty pinned the HCC nursing pin on each of the graduates and handed each a Florence Nightingale lamp, after which the traditional lighting of the lamps took place. Graduates and all RNs in the audience were asked to recite the International Council of Nurses pledge. The graduates were presented with roses as they exited the stage.

HCC holds pinning ceremonies for associate degree nursing graduates in May, August, and December/January.

Pictured, Graduates (from top, L to R):

December 2019 HCC Nursing Grads - Photo Credit: Robin Sommer
  • Alicia Hruz, Madison Riley, Daisy Ramirez, Lauren Busch, Sophia Shertzer, Isabeau Von Bogert, Samantha Linnemann, and Linnzi Mitchell
  • Devin Street, Madison Healey, Kiersten Maheia, Stella Kinuthia, Janice Brown, Amanda Michalski, Gisele Uwamariya, Rhiannon Lietuvnikas, Linzzi Mitchell, and Taylor Beall
  • Morgan Kelly, Ian Longenecker, Stephena Williams, Zoe Zublick, Amanda Leavitt, Christy Myers, Angela Gardner, Stephanie Kemmerer, Alexis Williams, and Benjamin Hubbard
  • Leigh Dill, Elizabeth Haas, Emily Simons, Heather Lilly, Dawn Fisher, Elise Thompson, Charlotte Parkman, Collin Mitchell, Carrie Kelly, and Opeyemi Adebayo
  • Austin Jennings, Antony Meyer, Eric Walther, Aaron Ruiz, Christian Taynor, Keisha Daley, Celeste Adams, Jozzlyn Kelly, Mysty Tittle, and Nicole Kraft

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Photo Credit: Robin Sommer
MidAtlantic Photographic LLC