Steps to Success, a college prep program for individuals with disabilities who are concerned about the transition from high school to college, completed its third year on July 11, 2019.

Nine incoming college freshman spent three half-days learning about the academic differences between high school and college; their personal and academic responsibilities; how to read and dissect a syllabus; time management; resources on campus including support services, clubs and organizations, and the My College Success Network; self-advocacy; their personal strengths, weaknesses, and disability needs; how to access Disability Support Services; the Student Code of Conduct; time management; stress management; instructor pet peeves; tips for group work; technology and apps for studying; and specific strategies for success in college. Students participated in stress management activities; a hands-on, practical time management workshop; and toured major resources on campus such as the Test Center, the Learning Center, and the Library. They learned how to appropriately email faculty and staff and walked away with prewritten emails about issues that often arise. A student panel of current and former HCC students provided valuable advice to the incoming freshman and reinforced the importance of material from the program.

Students completed an online assessment. Results indicated that 100% of the students felt like they had a better understanding of the expectations of college after completing the program (i.e., 75% strongly agreed and 25 % agreed) and 100% agreed that they had a better idea of the resources on campus and where to go for help (i.e., 50% strongly agree, 50% agreed). In addition, the majority of the students were also able to identify the 10 strategies for success that they learned.

Thank you to the following guest speakers and individuals who helped with this program: Nadine Martinkus, Courtney Gurrera, Nicole Hoke Wilson, Jennifer MyersSmith, Tim Schneider, Joshlin Sheridan, Finn Burk, Mark Torba, and Justin Higgins. Your assistance is gratefully appreciated and was instrumental to supporting our students.