Dr. Dianna G. Phillips, President of Harford Community College, participated in the Army Alliance's Breakfast Panel Forum on November 15, 2018, entitled "Shaping the Future:  Growing the Edgewood Defense Community."  A panel of experts addressed the many ongoing initiatives both inside and outside the Edgewood Aberdeen Proving Ground gate, providing an insight of the changes in store for Edgewood. Audience members included Secretary James D. Fielder of the Maryland Higher Education Commission, Secretary Mike Gill of the Maryland Department of Commerce, APG leaders, Congressional liaisons, county and local elected officials, and business representatives.

Dr. Phillips outlined some key initiatives that will have impact on the Greater Edgewood community that included the College's joint application with the University System of Maryland for a Regional Higher Education Center and the ongoing feasibility study for a proposed Applied Technology Center in the southern Route 40 corridor.

The Army Alliance is a nonprofit civic organization founded in 1999 whose overarching objective is the well-being of the programs and organizations of Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). To date, the Army Alliance has secured over $250 million for APG-related programs. Their work is supported by sponsors from the business community and by grants from local agencies.

Through its presence in Northeastern Maryland, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C., the Army Alliance works to maintain APG as a key national defense asset and an economic driver to Maryland and Delaware by supporting its organizations, programs, and missions; articulate Aberdeen Proving Ground’s value to national defense as a center of research, development, test, evaluation, and acquisition; help attract government and industry organizations to increase the region’s economic viability; and act as a coordinating body for organizations, groups, clubs, and individuals who have interest in maintaining a healthy and stable base at APG.

L to R: Quynh Budzynski, Edgewood business owner; Colonel Robert Phillips, Aberdeen Proving Ground Garrison Commander; Dr. Dianna Phillips, President, Harford Community College; Karen Holt, Federal Installation Administrator, Harford County Office of Community and Economic  Development; Mr. John Resta, Director, U.S. Army Public Health Center; and Dr. Eric Moore, Director, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center