Four local businesses, Freedom Federal Credit Union, Harford Mutual Insurance Company, The Kelly Group, and Key Title, Inc., hosted a celebratory welcome dinner on September 19 at the Maryland Golf and Country Clubs in Bel Air for four Harford Community College (HCC) graduates who were selected as 4Financial interns.

Kristen Butler, Amy Glab, Jennifer Koscinski, and Damian Mancuso were awarded full year, paid internships through the new 4Financial Internship Program at HCC. They will be spending 12 months gaining marketable experience while learning about the financial services industry. At the dinner, the students learned the location of their first assignment. Kristen will begin a rotation at Freedom Federal; Amy, Key Title; Jennifer, Harford Mutual; and Damian, The Kelly Group. Students will begin their internships in October.

Bob Johnson, CEO, Key Title, Inc., the originator of the opportunity, asked the three other local financial institutions to join his company in offering internships to students interested in the financial services industry. His idea led to the creation of the 4Financial Internship Program in which the businesses partner with Harford Community College and open their doors to students. Through three-month rotations in all four companies, interns will gain hands-on business experience in five different areas of the finance industry.

“We are excited to partner with HCC to create the 4Financial Internship Program, which will allow students to see how our Harford-based, client-focused companies serve the needs of our communities. These students will have a unique opportunity to see not only how each company functions in their market segment, but how all of us are connected, working together for the good of our clients,” said Mr. Johnson.

I95 Business magazine covered a story on HCC's 4Financial program.

 This article in I-95 Business describes how HCC students are jump-starting their careers with internships at Harford County businesses.

Michael MacPherson, President/CEO, and Chris Eliopoulos, Senior VP-Lending, Freedom Federal Credit Union; Steven Linkous, President/CEO, and Patrick Gagen, Director of Human Resources, Harford Mutual; Chad Arrington, Partner/Financial Planner, and Rick Fletcher, Executive Vice President/Financial Planner, The Kelly Group; and Bob Johnson, CEO, Key Title, Inc., were in attendance. In addition, Anna Berglowe-Lynch, Coordinator for Career Services at HCC; Denise Dregier, HCC Director for College and Alumni Development; and Emily Lyon, HCC Graphic Design Technician, attended the event.

“Harford Community College is thrilled to partner with growing Harford County companies to offer this truly innovative program. Having worked in career services for over 15 years, I have not seen a program similar to this. The participating students get to fully explore multiple perspectives of one industry to better guide their future career direction, while the companies get to benefit from the energy and enthusiasm of the upcoming workforce. It is a win-win and we hope other industries would be interested in offering something similar,” said Berglowe-Lynch.

The unique program is targeted to students at or near graduation from Harford Community College.

Employers who would like information about participating in a similar internship program should contact Anna Berglowe-Lynch at