Contemporary Floral Design

  • February 21 to March 28, 2018 (Wed.), 6:30-9:45 PM
  • Harford Technical High School

This course is designed for the advanced trained designer. We will learn the styles and techniques of the European designs. It is the last course of the core classes required for the Certification program. Prerequisites are Introduction to Floral Design and Advanced Floral Design. The fee includes all materials needed. Student will take home an arrangement each week. Tuition: $179. Fee: $199. Course: 25683. Call 443-412-2173.

Floral Sympathy Design

  • January 16 to February 6, 2018 (Tues.), 6:30-9:45 PM
  • Harford Technical High School

This class is designed for individuals interested in pursuing floral design as a career and prepares students in the design and arrangement of flowers used in sympathy arrangements. Topics include floral preparation, floral selection, traditional sympathy designs such as a casket saddle, a standing spray, and standing baskets. Students will also work with contemporary designs such as a casket cross, rosary, and a casket heart. Senior adult and disabled retiree tuition waivers apply. Transcript available. Tuition: $139. Fee: $280. Course: 25684. Call 443-412-2173.