Complete the Adobe Web Development certification program with Harford Community College to gain the necessary skills to seek employment as a professional web developer. Learn the basics of web application development using client- and server-side technologies by completing the two required continuing education courses, Web Development I and Web Development II.

This new certification program incorporates curriculum and course materials provided directly by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Students will learn to build user-friendly, dynamic websites using HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ColdFusion. Upon completion of the program, students will have a portfolio of work to present to employers.

“We are pleased to have been selected by Adobe to offer Web Development to our students using curriculum developed by Adobe,” said Pam Karwowski, Director for Government, Contractor and IT Training at Harford Community College. “No one is more qualified than Adobe to develop instruction materials for their own programs.”

Web Development I

February18-April 10, 2014 (Tuesday/Thursday), 6:30-9:40 PM
Edgewood Hall, Rm. 215
Develop basic concepts for designing and developing web pages using HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. Build interactive and user-friendly web pages on your own website.
Call 443-360-9108.
Tuition: $895. Course fee: $75. Course: 25356.

Web Development II

April 15-June 3, 2014 (Tuesday/Thursday), 6:30-9:40 PM
Edgewood Hall, Rm. 215
Learn the basics of ColdFusion and SQL to build web applications using industry standard techniques and best practices. Call 443-360-9108.
Tuition: $995. Course fee: $75. Course: 25376.