Collegial Governance

The councils will serve as the voices for employees and students to the president and the president's staff for input on issues and decisions that will affect them.

The Collegial Governance system at Harford Community College provides structures and processes that allow employees and students to have input into administrative decisions that will affect them. Though any issue of concern to a constituency group may be discussed, some issues will be appropriate for formal consideration and recommendation through Collegial Governance and some will not. For many issues, the role and involvement of Collegial Governance may not be clear; in such instances, Collegial Governance must first clarify the scope of its involvement and the limits and parameters of that involvement.

2020-21 Collegial Governance Representatives:

Ed Augustitus (Faculty Council) - Chair of the Coordinating Group
Thomas Alcide (Administrator Council)- Vice-Chair of the Coordinating Group

Administrator Council

Thomas Alcide – Chair
Tony Wohlers – Vice-Chair

Faculty Council

Edward Augustitus – Chair
Stephanie Hallock – Vice-Chair

Staff Council

Julie Irby – Chair
Jo Chase – Vice-Chair

Student Government Association

Amanda Ampofo-Williams – President

Javanecia Miller – Vice President