Assessment at HCC

Assessment at HCC involves all areas of the College, from academics and student learning to administrative and service areas.

Assessment is fully integrated into all aspects of College life, and helps to improve and inform teaching, learning, processes, projects, services, budgeting and planning.

Strategic Direction for Assessment

HCC's Strategic Plan clearly emphasizes assessment and improvement as an overarching theme:

Strategic Direction: Prepare students to distinguish themselves as compassionate contributors and leaders in the global community.

Assessment Definition

Assessment is putting into place a systematic process that will answer the following questions on a continuous and ongoing basis:

  • What are we trying to do and why?
  • What is my program supposed to accomplish?
  • How well are we doing it?
  • How do we know?
  • How do we use information to improve or celebrate success?
  • Do the improvements we make work? (Bresciani, 2002)

Assessment Purpose

Improvement: Assessment can help improve the quality of teaching, learning, programs and services, and planning and decision-making.

Information: Assessment can provide information to unit leaders and decision makers regarding the impact of instruction or programming on student learning.  It can also provide information so that unit leaders and decision makers can better prioritize limited resources.

Accountability:  Assessment can validate current programs, services, and teaching and learning efforts and thereby secure continued support for them by demonstrating their effectiveness to concerned audiences.  In other words, assessment can demonstrate accountability to these audiences (Suskie, 2009.)

Institutional Effectiveness Resources