Sustainability meets the needs of the present without compromising the quality of life for future generations.

The following is a partial list of green water and land projects completed by Harford Community College over the past several years.


Installed LEED-certified white TPO roofing on the Chesapeake Center and the Student Center to help reduce energy consumption.

Installed an 11,000-watt solar photovoltaic array on the roof of Aberdeen Hall (funded through a grant by J.M.Huber).
The following sustainable features were incorporated into the Susquehanna Center renovation and the new APG Federal Credit Union Arena:

  • Energy-efficient white TPO roofing system
  • Construction waste management plan
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Native species landscaping
  • Low-flow water fixtures
  • Energy-efficient lighting selection


As part of the Observatory renovation and expansion project, a pervious paving system was installed to help mitigate stormwater management requirements. Any rain that lands on the concrete will be absorbed due to its permeability.


  • Installed a white TPO roofing system on the day care building to help reduce its energy use.
  • Incorporated photovoltaic panels on wind turbine tower, creating a “hybrid” power source to run aeration system for the campus pond.
  • Replaced 1970s era boiler in the Student Center with a highly energy-efficient condensing boiler to help reduce energy consumption.
  • Installed CO2 control on the Student Center’s three main air-handlers to improve indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption.
  • Replaced single pane glass in the Chesapeake Center to reduce energy consumption.
  • Replaced the 1960s era heating and cooling system at the Chesapeake Center with modern energy-efficient equipment, including a new energy management system.
  • Installed full cut-off light fixtures on light poles for campus walkways and a new parking lot.
  • Transplanted a dozen trees from the College nursery as part of Earth Day activities.
  • Relocated a dozen mature trees from a new parking lot expansion to areas throughout campus.
  • Facilities has begun to incorporate multiple switching levels for its parking lot lighting to reduce energy consumption and light pollution.


  • The Hays-Heighe House underwent a comprehensive renovation that included installation of a geo-thermal heating and cooling system to reduce energy use.
  • Aberdeen Hall underwent a major renovation and expansion that incorporated many sustainable features, such as:
    • Evacuated Tube solar hot water heating system
    • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems and energy management system
    • Rain collection system used to flush toilets and provide grey water to greenhouse
    • Installation of a bio-retention pond adjacent to building
    • Incorporated a white TPO roofing system to reduce energy consumption