Green Harford Community College

Sustainability meets the needs of the present without compromising the quality of life for future generations.

Harford Community College's forum for campus environmental stewardship.


Find information on the campus-wide sustainability program, activities, and events. Check out our progress and future plans for greening campus operations, buildings, services, and curricula.

Get Involved!

Visit or join the Sustainability Workgroup. Composed of students, employees, and community members, the workgroup meets quarterly and always welcomes new members and visitors.

Sustainability Committee

The committee’s purpose is to further the College's efforts to educate students, employees, and the external community on environmental issues and how to take necessary steps to preserve the environment. The committee makes recommendations to the president on appropriate projects in support of sustainability.

  • LeeAnn Anderson
  • Ed Augustitus
  • Cathy Boston
  • Andrew Cassilly
  • Lauren Ciambruschini
  • Dave Dunaway
  • Linda Fife
  • Heather Gasswint
  • Melissa Harris
  • Eyvo Johnson
  • Blake Napfel
  • Sheila Terry
  • Colleen Webster
  • Linda Wilson
  • Deborah Wrobel

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