Faculty Spotlight: Cindy Kelley

A strong desire to positively influence students on the role of health and exercise in their lives, coupled with a lifelong interest in education, ultimately led Associate Professor Cindy Kelley to her career here at HCC.

A Maryland native, Cindy attended Frostburg State University. She earned a B.S. in Health and Physical Education with concentrations in education, health fitness, athletic training, and coaching in 2003 and an M.S. in Human Performance in 2004, while simultaneously teaching health and physical education courses at Frostburg.

For the next seven years, Cindy was a health and physical education teacher at Fallston Middle School. During part of this time, she was an adjunct faculty member here at the College. She was named an associate professor in August 2020 in the Behavioral and Social Sciences division.

Cindy considers her most significant accomplishment at Harford to be the Exercise Science program she developed with her colleagues Ed Augustitus, Debbie Dorsey and Sean Wright. This new program enables students to transfer to a four-year institution after earning their associate degree in exercise science or go directly into the workforce. In just one year, the program has over 100 declared majors.

Cindy also helped to create the Harford County Exercise Science Advisory Board with Kyle Mohr, Harford Technical High School’s Sports Technician and Exercise Science Coordinator. The Board consists of stakeholders from the community in various exercise science fields and meets at least twice a year to discuss how to improve our programs. The Board’s mission is to provide the opportunity for students to acquire and expand knowledge related to Exercise Science and to grow professionally by applying learned content in a work environment connected to Exercise Science.

In addition, Cindy worked on developing two courses that are integral to the degree program. The first course, Intro to Exercise Science, provides a basic overview and is a great course for students who are not yet sure if this is the field for them. It discusses career options as well as offers a basic foundation of knowledge for completing the rest of the program’s courses. The other is the Exercise Science Internship, a program-culminating course in which students complete a total of 130 hours in two placements. It provides students with hands-on, real-world experience to help build their resume and foster networking opportunities.

Cindy is continuing to build the momentum of the program by creating an Exercise Science certificate program in conjunction with Ed Augustitus that will allow students to take specific Exercise Science courses and earn a certificate. Students could then later return to HCC to complete the rest of the courses for their associate degree, providing a great option for students who want to work as a personal trainer.

Cindy has also contributed to the College as editor of the Curriculum Work Group (CWG) in 2019-20 and 2020-21, where she has reviewed course and program proposals for accuracy before being brought to the Curriculum Work Group and prior to being forwarded to the Chief Academic Officer.

She also enjoyed serving as an HCC Young Life Advisor. HCC Young Life’s purpose is to develop a community of college students who will get the most out of their experience at Harford by caring for one another and those around them and to grow together in their Christian faith while also being open to students of any background or religious belief.

Most of Cindy’s free time involves being active with her three children, ages 3, 7, and 9, and her wonderful husband, who is also a physical education teacher.

Aside from Cindy’s impressive accomplishments, her ultimate goal is for her students to leave at the conclusion of her class with an understanding of the importance of health and wellness and how it can impact their lives. “Even if they currently are not the healthiest person, it is not too late to change. I want to inspire students to lead healthier lives,” she says. She also adds, “The thing that motivates me the most is seeing students succeed – whether they are an exercise science student or a student who takes one of my health or physical education courses to satisfy a general education requirement. Students reaching their goals always brings a smile to my face.”

Harford Community College extends its sincere appreciation to Cindy for her many accomplishments and contributions to the College and its students, faculty and staff. Her energetic teaching style, her caring and enthusiastic way with students, and her “team player” attitude make her a shining example of Harford’s stellar faculty.