Faculty Spotlight: Miriam Huddleston

After only a few minutes speaking with Miriam Huddleston it is apparent the pride she takes in her work at Harford Community College—and it extends well beyond the traditional classroom.

As an assistant professor in the Integrated Business and Applied Technology division, Miriam always put the needs of her students first. She is an advocate for Open Education Resources (OERs) to ensure that the cost of books does not prohibit a student from attending, or succeeding in class. “Too many times I have seen students wait too long to buy their books because either their aid has not come through or they just don’t have the money,” says Miriam. To remedy that, she has proposed to include the cost of her Principles of Marketing book in the cost of tuition and fees and provide an OER text for her Introduction to Business students. By her estimates, if those two initiatives are implemented they will save students a total of $70,000 over the course of a year.

Miriam is a firm believer in connecting classroom learning with real world experiences. Each semester she solicits local businesses to act as clients for her Principles of Marketing classes. The business owners treat students as they would a marketing firm—they come to class, provide information about their business, their product, and their goals and the students in turn work to create a marketing plan for the business. Students respond to the feedback and get to see their plans implemented—to see what works and what doesn’t. They gain valuable experience while local small businesses are provided a resources that may not have been otherwise able to afford. Many have been so impressed with the work produced, they have offered internships to our students. 

This past year Miriam collaborated with Harford’s communication department to give students a voice in marketing the College’s rebranding efforts. The feedback from both sides was positive and students were able to see a large scale project from beginning to end.

The collaboration Miriam promotes extends to other faculty as well. Recently Miriam’s advertising students partnered with political science students on a project about the history of political advertising, and her marketing students developed an online marketing plan to promote the College’s National Science Foundation Grant in additive manufacturing.

As if all of this isn’t enough, Miriam, who began as an adjunct in 2009 and is currently in her eight year of full time, is the chair of Faculty Council, participated on the College Rebranding  and several other campus committees, and sits on the College Cabinet. Her thoughtful insight, extensive knowledge, and pleasant demeanor make her a valuable asset to the College, the community, and to her students. In her words, “When you participate, you learn about the campus, the people, and the community. It gives you a bigger picture of why you’re here.” We couldn’t agree more.