Faculty Spotlight: Theo Clark

Theo Clark has spent a productive two years at Harford Community College. In addition to teaching English Composition, Public Speaking, and Transitional Reading and Writing, Theo is currently pursuing a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and Administration.

In his “spare time,” Theo finds great value and satisfaction in volunteering his time and talents to various projects, events and organizations. He was the chair of the Student Symposium for the past two years, a co-curricular event designed to highlight and showcase student successes, both scholarly and creative. In addition, Theo worked with the Humanities Division to help redesign the ALP (Accelerated Learning Program), which involves decreasing exit points for transitional students and is intended to expedite students through transitional programs. As president of MACRA, a consortium institution geared toward acquiring best practices with English faculty for developmental English students, Theo works with this organization to ensure all are implementing best practices. He has also served as a mentor/advisor through My College Success Network for underrepresented demographics.

As an educator, Theo describes himself as innovative. He believes innovation and technology are critical for a college to be “student ready,” and to be a “College of the Future.”  Theo states, “We need to meet students where they are, regardless of economic disparities and other restraints. There are many students trying to become tech literate and savvy and it’s our job to help them get there.” He believes technology has absolutely impacted students in a positive way -- technology serves as a foundation for everything, as so much is transitioning to the online world. “Future and technology go hand in hand. BYOD (Bring your own device) is appearing all throughout higher education and students are becoming increasingly tech savvy today. The absence of technology would be the absence of innovation.”

In the classroom, Theo is a huge proponent and user of apps to teach, such as Quizlet, Poll Everywhere, and Socrative. He encourages BYOD as he feels this is in line with HCC striving to be a College of the Future. As traditional lecture/note taking forms of teaching are being replaced by more unorthodox ways of teaching, Theo believes strongly in learning by doing, and fully utilizes the advantages of technology and experiential learning. In his words, “The most important part of education is to apply it.”

Theo’s long-term goal is to serve in an administrative role in an institution of higher learning, with a specific interest in increasing diversity in higher education. He believes being an administrator will enable him to expand his role as an educator by impacting and changing even more student lives for the better.