Faculty Spotlight: Debbie Ezell

Director for Health and Physical Education is creating new ways to include career related skills into physical education.

Debbie's passion for technology and teaching has led her to create mobile-friendly credit classes that expand the traditional classroom. The result? Courses that promote collaboration between students and faculty, a more integrated approach to learning, and an environment where students are exposed to the latest technologies.

Debbie designed five physical education classes to be delivered solely online. Through a process of app smashing; (using several apps to accomplish a single goal), students are able to create video selfies of workouts, map fitness activities over time, and track speed and heart rates. The benefits are plentiful. Faculty get to know students on a much more personal level through the videos; dialogue is increased as students open up about struggles as well as successes and instructors are able to respond to them in a more immediate way; and students learn to use ancillary technologies such as file sharing that will help them in other classes and in future careers.

Debbie continues to work with faculty to promote new and collaborative ways to use technology. Current initiatives include the creation of e-books, designing apps to create paperless Blackboard logs, and use of iPads to create interactive experiences throughout campus that incorporate QR codes, augmented reality, goal-setting and motivation.

For the future, Debbie hopes to use technology to further connect students and campus through digital storytelling and cross-course collaborations.