Faculty Spotlight: Tami Imbierowicz

Tami’s work in the STEM field has opened doors for students to complete research, obtain internships on campus or with scientists within the community, and participate in grant-funded programs.

Tami Imbierowicz, Associate Professor of Biology & Environmental Science, was instumental in bringing a $648,953 National Science Foundation grant to the College’s STEM division. This grant provides scholarships and encourages academically talented students with financial need to continue their education in biology and engineering fields.

Tami is currently working on an intitiative to have our campus designated as a national arboretum. The process includes working with students to map a minimum of 25 species of trees on campus. She is also taking it one step further by working with biology students to take the designated trees and identify them through their DNA sequencing. The resulting DNA barcoding will be used in the classroom as well as on an online arboretum map, increasing access and sustainability focus to our campus.

Tami sits on several College committees and is a member of the Deer Creek Watershed Association Board.