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Faculty Spotlight: Andy Adams

Andrew “Andy” Adams, assistant professor of biology, environmental science & technology is enthusiastic...

Faculty Spotlight: Tamara Biegas

In Tamara Biegas’ classroom, every student is seen “at their own personal latitude and longitude.” It’s not difficult to...

Faculty Spotlight: Theo Clark

Theo Clark has spent a productive two years at Harford Community College. In addition to teaching English Composition...

Faculty Spotlight: Heidi Neff

Heidi Neff’s life as an artist feeds her life as a professor­­­­­­­­—and every day her students reap the benefits.

David Antol, Faculty Spotlight honoree for February, 2018.

David Antol is imagining the future-- and if he has his way, his students will as well.

Carol Mueller, Faculty Spotlight honoree for January, 2018.

Passion for teaching and learning crosses academic disciplines, professional organizations, and even continents.

Madelyn Danner, Faculty Spotlight honoree for November, 2017.

Social justice and social equity are central to the oath taken by nurses and to Madelyn Danner.

Debbie Ezell, Faculty Spotlight honoree for October, 2017.

Debbie's passion for technology and teaching has led her to create mobile-friendly classes that expand the classroom...

Tami Imbierowicz, Faculty Spotlight honoree for September, 2017.

Tami's work in the STEM field has opened doors for students...