Christopher Greco, Lt. Col. USAF (Retired)

Chris is a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer who served over 20 years in intelligence related positions including analytical, management, and technical positions overseas and in the United States. During this time, he was involved in very sensitive projects that spanned the various disciplines of project management. Mr. Greco then retired from the Air Force as an Air Force O-5 (Lieutenant Colonel) and was an information technology (IT) manager for private industry for several years. Mr. Greco then transferred to the Federal Government, where he was responsible for the security and monitoring of servers located across the United States. Mr. Greco performed various IT Project Management and computer security duties while in Federal Government and retired from Federal Service.

Mr. Greco teaches cybersecurity to senior citizens and has founded an organization called “Silver Hats” which incorporates the senior citizens as trained cybersecurity helpers for those generations above and below them. He also writes cybersecurity and project management articles for his blog, as well as project management and cybersecurity blogs (Project Managers without Borders, and He has written the first children’s book on cybersecurity, specifically addressing passwords called “Granpappy Turtle Talks About Passwords” published by LULU. The international organization for cybersecurity (ISC-squared for ISC2) has noted his book in their publication on information security. He has been asked to speak on cybersecurity at an international conference on computer measurement (the Computer Measurement Group or CMG conference). He also has conducted webinars on project management related topics for

Mr. Greco currently has an active certification as a Computer Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), as well as several project management certifications.


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