Peripherals & Accessories

Available to credit students on a first come first served basis. No reservations.

HDMI Cables with Ethernet

  • Quantity Available: 10
  • 4 Hour In-Library Loan with 1 renewal. Renew item before overdue at Circulation Desk or via My Account.


  • Available to all patrons.

Mouses for use with PCs

  • Quantity Available: 15
  • 7 Day Loan with 0 renewals.

Panasonic DMP-BD93 Region Free Blu-ray DVD Player

  • Check out for 4 hours In-Library. Renew item before overdue at Circulation Desk or via My Account.

Remote controls for DVD & Video Cassette Players in the Library

  • Check out for 4 hours In-Library with 1 renewal. Renew item before overdue at Circulation Desk or via My Account.


  • Quantity Available: 6
  • 7 Day loan with 0 renewals.


  • HCC credit students who are currently enrolled may check out equipment.
  • All fines of $50 or more must be cleared before check out of equipment.
  • A current valid HCC credit student ID/library card must be presented for check out.

Loan Periods

  • Equipment and accessories must be returned to the HCC Library Circulation Desk. No equipment should be returned in library drop boxes.
  • Equipment must be returned no later than fifteen minutes before the Library closes.
  • User is responsible for checking to make sure all equipment and accessories are present and undamaged before leaving the Circulation Desk at check out.
  • User must wait 24 hours before checking out an item again.
  • Renewals are not automatic and user must either bring the item to the Circulation Desk to be renewed or use My Account to renew online before the item is overdue.

Fines & Damages

  • Replacement fees:
    - HDMI high speed cables with Ethernet: $ 10.95
    - Remote control units for DVD/Video Cassette players in library study rooms: $ 75.00
    - Mouses for use with PCs: $ 14.99
  • Damages fees are based on cost of repair.
  • $10/HOUR overdue fee is assessed for equipment returned past its date due time.
  • An overdue is assessed if an item becomes overdue before it is renewed.
  • Users are responsible for damage to and/or loss or theft of loaned equipment. Users are required to report any problems experienced with the equipment during their borrowing period.
  • $25 processing fee is charged for unreturned items in addition to the replacement fee.
  • If device is 3 days overdue, it is considered lost, and the borrower will be charged for its replacement.
  • If user voids warranty by use of the equipment (i.e. jailbreak a laptop), user will be charged the replacement cost of the device.