Audio Recording

Available to credit students on a first come first served basis. No reservations.

RODE VideoMic GO

  • Quantity Available: 5
  • 7 Day Loan with No Renewals
  • Item is loaned with a microphone and a cable to connect to camera.

H1 Handy Recorder Microphone

  • Quantity Available: 5
  • 7 Day Loan with No Renewals
  • Item is loaned with a microphone, micro SD card, micro SD card adapter and 1x AA battery.

H1 Handy Mic Accessory Pack

  • Quantity Available: 5
  • 7 Day Loan with No Renewals
  • Item is loaned with an adjustable tripod stand, padded-shell case, windscreen, mic clip adapter, AC adapter and USB cable.

Apogee USB Mic

  • Quantity Available: 5
  • 7 Day Loan with No Renewals
  • Item is loaned with a USB cable, tripod and microphone stand adapter.

Popfilter Accessory Pack for Apogee USB Mic

  • Quantity Available: 3
  • 7 Day Loan with No Renewals


  • HCC credit students who are currently enrolled may check out equipment.
  • All fines of $50 or more must be cleared before check out of equipment.
  • A current valid HCC credit student ID/library card must be presented for check out.

Loan Periods

  • Equipment and accessories must be returned to the HCC Library Circulation Desk. No equipment should be returned in library drop boxes.
  • Equipment must be returned no later than fifteen minutes before the Library closes.
  • User is responsible for checking to make sure all equipment and accessories are present and undamaged before leaving the Circulation Desk at check out.
  • User must wait 24 hours before checking out an item again.

Fines & Damages

  • Replacement fees:
    - RODE VideoMic GO (with Microphone; Cable to connect to camera): $ 99.00
    - H1 Handy Recorder Microphone (with Microphone; Micro SD Card; Micro SD Card Adapter; 1x AA Battery): $ 99.00
    - H1 Handy Mic Accessory Pack (with Adjustable Tripod Stand; Padded-shell Case; Windscreen; Mic Clip Adapter; AC Adapter; USB Cable): $ 25.00
    - Apogee USB Mics (with USB Cable; Tripod; Microphone Stand Adapter): $ 199.00
    - Popfilters Accessory Packs for Apogee USB Mics: $ 35.00
  • Damages fees are based on cost of repair.
  • $10/HOUR overdue fee is assessed for equipment returned past its date due time.
  • An overdue is assessed if an item becomes overdue before it is renewed.
  • Users are responsible for damage to and/or loss or theft of loaned equipment. Users are required to report any problems experienced with the equipment during their borrowing period.
  • $25 processing fee is charged for unreturned items in addition to the replacement fee.
  • If device is 3 days overdue, it is considered lost, and the borrower will be charged for its replacement.
  • If user voids warranty by use of the equipment (i.e. jailbreak a laptop), user will be charged the replacement cost of the device.

Personal Data

  • Students will be solely responsible to remove files when they are finished using the camera.


  • The library is not responsible for any files left on the device or for loss or damage to files.
  • Students are to supply their own SD/microSD cards.